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Saturday, October 8, 2011

My clean boy!!

Ok...not exactly my boy...our family's boy..
he is 11 years old a very stubborn boy and really spoiled!! we got him when he was 1 month old!! soooooooooo cute was something very unexpected as we didn't have plans to get a dog...but that time we were really messed up with my father passed away so suddenly so when we layed our eyes on him, me and mum fell in love instantly!! so Rudi became the youngest member in our family!!
and here he is!!

Rudi is obsessed with my mum, so when me and hubby moved to a new place couldnt take him with us!! So I see him and mum and our kitties every weekend!!

hope u will find him cute!!


  1. He is very cute - we have a 13 year old cat who rules DH and I :-)

  2. ADORABLE! He is so cute!
    Hugs, Rosalee

  3. so cute..i share almost the same story..when i lived at home i had got a puppy..he also was so attached to my mom..when i got married he was only about 1 yr. old..i took him with us..and he cried and had to take him back to my
    your fur baby is so sweet..i have 2 and can't ever imagine life with out a fur baby in it..i love dogs..tfs..loves ya