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Monday, November 14, 2011

How to open the special freebies (rar files)!!

Hello all!! hope you are all ok!!
Ok some people have troubles opening the files I'm sending so  here are some tips!!
The files are zipped files so you can open them with a winrar or winzip file.  You can find one of these programs here.  It is really easy to unzip a file!! so if you need more help let me know!!
For more info and step by step instructions please go here

Hope you will succeed!!
Till later


  1. Hi all,

    I download it two times from the e-mail, first time I had 8papers and at the second time all 10!! *lol* Sometimes download is not perfect *LOL* ;o).

  2. What do you do to open a file??? Still having problems...Thank You,

  3. Thank you for sending it in a WINZIP file. I now am able to use them. They are great!

  4. Hi Marion ~ Followed your step-by-step instructions above and downloaded the free 7-Zip program ... it worked PERFECTLY! Who knew?!?! Thanks so much! Love, love, love the papers.
    ~ Carol B. ~