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I'm trying to make a list with all my followers and their email addys cause I decided to send them some extra freebies ( papers, digi stamps, sentiments) so if you want to enter this list you must become a follower and send your email addy at or Join our Newsletter
and I will add you to my list of freebies.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Warm and Cosy Paper kit Freebie for my followers who have already signed to my freebie list!!

Hello and Happy Sunday!!!
Wow the title of my post is very long!! hehe!!
Anyway...sorry for not being around but the darn flue is still here and it seems that she loves my back and she doesn't want to leave me alone!!  I'm struggling with pills, cremes etc...but nothing seems to work.  so today I will visit my doc and beg him for some a junkie!!! lol
So let's move with the important stuff...
first of all a big thank you to all of you who beacame followers and send me your emails and helped me to make a nice data base to share my art with you!!
the list is big so I have made groups of 20 people in each group.  So if you don't get the freebies today, don't worry .  you might be in the group no 8!!  I send out to as many groups as I can each day so please don't worry if you won't get the freebie the same day it's released.  Also always the last group will get the freebies with a small delay cause each group must complete 20 addys so I can send the email.  Don't worry that doesn't take a lot as a group is completed from 1-3 days.  If takes longer I will send the freebies and rearrange the groups later.
I hope you get the idea of how this list is working!!
Now my second special freebie for you is a nice paper kit with some traditional papers!!  I never have enough papers for my xmas cards so I always need to design more!!  The only thing you will need is some blank paper (I suggest white at 160gsm) and your printer!!
So here is the preview of the kit and please stay tunned cause in the next days I will release a non traditional paper kit with blues and purples!!

Till later
enjoy and hugs!!

Ps:  To get this freebie you must be signed to my freebie list...for more info please go here


  1. Hi Marion!

    Your paper looks gorgeous! Hugs Sandra

  2. wow, the papers are awesome! Cant' wait to get the freebie!

  3. Hi Marion,

    in anbetracht das du deutsch lernst, schreibe ich ein herzliches Danke schön in deutsch ;o).
    Das Papier sieht toll aus!!!

    Viele Grüße

  4. Just got mine and they're really fabulous! Thank you for the wonderful set! Hope you get well soon.

  5. Thank you for the papers. They are adorable.

  6. Thank you Marion...I have my freebies via e-mail, I just cannot open the file,need to download something to my computer to open...they are gorgeous papers.

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  7. They look great - hope mine come through soon.

  8. Love them! But I am not able to open it. Thank you for sharing them!

  9. Thankyou Marion for sending the file, this one I'm able to open and can't wait to use! Ruby x

  10. Thanks for the papers, will get lots of use from these.
    Ali x