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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Beeswax & Olive oil Balm

Hello my fellow bloggers...
so today I want to show you something completely different from my usual creations...
Today I want to introduce you to a very old and ancient Balm we make here in Greece.
This Beeswax and Olive oil Balm is very old and the recipe came from my great great grandma.  The recipe is a valuable secret and not many people know it.  It dosn't include only beeswax and olive oil, but other ingredients which help this balm be more effective.  All the ingredients are biologic and very pure.  Most of them are collected from mountains and nature.

The Balm is good for burns, rough skin, wounds, freckles from sun or age, skin irritation ~ especially for babies and their tushy~ broken lips, massage and pimples.  Also new mums who do breast feeding add this on their nipples and comfort them from pain ~ you don't need to wash your breast to feed your baby as it has natural products that wont hurt your baby~.
Here the hunters use it also on their dog paws on winter time to protect their feet from cold and snow.

So if you are interested on buying some of my Balm or ask me anything about it contact me at
and add as topic Beeswax Balm  

thank you for stopping by


  1. How awesome is that! Love it! I will be contacting you:0)


  2. This sounds awesome and as a nurse, I am always looking for something that will help my hands in the winter, so yes I am interested. Let me know when I can get my hands on it ......Josie