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Friday, June 22, 2012

Tuesday Alchemy Challenge #19: Lime, Orange & Plum

hi guys..hope you are all great!!  I'm a bit behind with my challenges and apologies for that!! this week was terrible!
hot, exams , I need to say more??
hot + athens + deutsch exams = a nightmare!!!
no sleep with all the heat and the noise~ especially when you are in athens.  The exams were so difficult!!! I really don't know what the results will show!!! there were more than 700 people that day!!!

anyway let's see our Tuesday Alchemy challenge this week
Since it's summertime, we decided to do a color scheme that is perfectly suited for the season at Tuesday Alchemy. Lime, orange & plum are bright & juicy, so it was a lot of fun to come up with this creation.

I didn't have time to create something big so I made a simple thank you note ~ I love thank you notes and I found them very practical!!

here is my mini card




  1. Better late than never :) It seems these past couple of weeks have been hectic for everyone! No sleep - UG! I became a cranky you-know-what, so I can only imagine - Ha ha!


    PS - Win prizes at my blog - Easy, peasy entry:

  2. Cute wee card, Marion - love the way you have so boldly incorporated the colours.