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Monday, July 22, 2013


oh my God!! more than one month has passed!!! so sorry friends for not being around!!!  Me and hubby are finally together!!  we managed to find a beautiful house to rent, he is doing perfect with his job and life seems to be beautiful again after so many months!!  we are now in new house ~ no internet yet still waiting for the connection so we have a limited internet connection of 5 GB per month...boooo
so far kitchen, bathroom, 80 % of master bedroom and 20% of our office room are ready!  that means only hubbys desk is build up and his computer lol....we will buy my stuff next week!! new desk and craft area and other beautiful things  next time I m posting you will see some of my cards for my DT jobs...yeah I have done all of them but with no internet I couldn't post them!! lol  my stuff so far are in many many boxes....and till they got here my heart was in such a stress!!  we had some small problems with moving company but so far only one package short and we are trying to find it!!   I have started design many stuff and waiting for the internet so they can go to my store area!!!  not much internet so I can't give you a taste with previews...soon my friends soon!! I missed you so much and I missed crafting so much!!!

so far Germany is ok!  I brought all the heat and sun from Greece...yeah thats the real deal!!   since I am here not a single rain drop!! and in Greece??  they have bad weather!! rain and winds and generally they want me back lol!!!  people are really nice with us and they seem not to suffer from my terrible german!  next month I will start school I think...ok I must limited time is ticking lol
miss u all!!
leave me some love and your news!!!