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Saturday, September 24, 2016

bee dandelion card!

here is a card made with the little cute bee guy and the sentiment!!  i really enjoyed making this happy card!  hope you will like it!
image and sentiment can be found here!

thank you for visiting my blog!

hello with new stamps!

Dear fellow bloggers...oh my how the time flies... I was almost a year away from my scrap and designing obligations . well now my son is 13 months and as he plays with other kids and i have some time i managed to create some stuff for you!
today i have for you some happy bees....
you can find them here!!

 hope you really like them and stay tuned as i will design some nice freebies for you!!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Freebie and Santa Paws collection!

hello friends hope all of you are more than great!! All family is doing more than great and after Halloween we are preparing for the Christmas!!  I have started my shopping as family will come to visit us and I will be a very busy bee!!
So today I have this little cute kitty xmas digi stamp to share with you! I love her. she is from the Santa Paws collection !
So here you will find the B&W image, at COLORink Digital stamps the color image and for the sentiment visit our Facebook Page!


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Freebie and new collection!

hello friends hope all of you are more than great!! Life with baby is going well and between feeding, changing, bathing and cuddling time I try to find some designing time!!
So today I have this little cute kitty card to share with you! I love her. she is from the Furry Love collection and I decided to give it as a freebie to all of you!
So here you will find the B&W image, at COLORink Digital stamps the sentiment and for the color image visit our Facebook Page!

And we have a new collection!!  A christmas one! Oh how I love christmas... so this time we hav some naughty mice... take a peek....
you can find them HERE

hope you will enjoy your freebie and the new collection!!

Monday, September 7, 2015

so many months passed....

Hello all my fellow bloggers and scrapers!!  Hope each and everyone is more than great!!!  Hope you missed me a bit...hehe...
NEWS  we have a new member into our family!! yeap... my fist child is here a beautiful and healthy little boy!!  so now you all know the reason why I was away... my pregnancy wasn't my top moments I had many difficulties and couldn't create or stay in front my pc to blog or design.... but hopefully now I can start again....
also my comeback to designing as I have promissed is here as well with a beautiful wedding collection which you can find at COLORink digi stamps... take a look they are so nice!!

that's it for now but soon I will have anice freebie for all of you to celebrate my son and the new collection!!  stay tuned as beautiful things come to our craft path!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Christmas freebies!!

Hello friends!!
excellent news!!
to celebrate our
we give some nice freebies...
and our Facebook Page

look what you can make!!

and dont forget the newsletter will be released this week and we will have the snowglobe penguin as paper piecing!!


Friday, November 7, 2014

Christ...last minute cards and projects!

COLORink Digital Stamps and Tracy from CraftyCat957 designs
soon will release the 69 PDF booklet with Christmas Cards and projects for 
Beginner level to Expert level!
The booklet contain in depth  pic tutorial for cards, pop up cards, boxes, bags and  tips and hints.
also it contains more than 30 pages of free sentiments, digital stamps, patterned papers for you to print and use it for all your christmas projects.
so stay tuned!!