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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Beeswax & Olive oil Balm

Hello my fellow bloggers...
so today I want to show you something completely different from my usual creations...
Today I want to introduce you to a very old and ancient Balm we make here in Greece.
This Beeswax and Olive oil Balm is very old and the recipe came from my great great grandma.  The recipe is a valuable secret and not many people know it.  It dosn't include only beeswax and olive oil, but other ingredients which help this balm be more effective.  All the ingredients are biologic and very pure.  Most of them are collected from mountains and nature.

The Balm is good for burns, rough skin, wounds, freckles from sun or age, skin irritation ~ especially for babies and their tushy~ broken lips, massage and pimples.  Also new mums who do breast feeding add this on their nipples and comfort them from pain ~ you don't need to wash your breast to feed your baby as it has natural products that wont hurt your baby~.
Here the hunters use it also on their dog paws on winter time to protect their feet from cold and snow.

So if you are interested on buying some of my Balm or ask me anything about it contact me at
and add as topic Beeswax Balm  

thank you for stopping by

teddy Bea is sitting in a ...swing and a freebie!!

hello my fellow after all the graphic designs, business cards and other projects found a little time to make a nice clean and simple card following the fabulous sketch from Magical Monday Challenge Blogspot!!
The idea was simple! When I saw the beautiful altered teddy bo that my very good friend Hazel made I had to try it immediately!!
so I took a beautiful teddy bea image, added some wings, used the beautiful swing from Whiff of joy stamps and mixed them all together with my good Photoshop and..tada here is my card!!
Extra materials are ribbon, the sentiment which was made by me and giving it today as freebie, and some glitter!!
Hope you like what u see!!
I'm entering this card in the following challenges:
 Freebie No more available

so till later

Monday, August 29, 2011

life is crazy right now...

and as I was cool and lazy and thought yeah...its nice time to scrapbook as it is a bit windy and cool....many people are chasing me for graphics and invitations and business cards...yeah I know its cool to have job and gain some money as things here are awfull but all these people need their jobs made...Yesterday!! so no time for me to scrap and cardmaking...
yesterday found a little time for me and created a nice xmas card some freebies for all of you who still visit me daily!!

My card is featuring a favourite image from magnolias stamps and it is all made in nice blue colors.  I used my foiled sentiments, flowers and pins and digi papers.  Swirls and circles were cutted with my beloved craft robo.

This card is entered in the following challenges:

As for the freebies today are completely irrelevant with my todays card...
its a birthday tag and a bug sentiment!!  so enjoy

 Freebie No more available

till later...hope I blog soon

Thursday, August 25, 2011

No card or project these days...but two freebies for all of you!!

hello my fellow bloggers!! hope you are ok!! The last 3 days I had an awfull vertigo and couldn't stand on my feet!!  But I managed to make two nice halloween tickets for all of you who keep coming and posting me your thoughts!!
Also I had some graphic designing works for the county interactive website and radio where I live so you can understand the pressure is big as they need many mocks and other designs!! so wish me luck on this new project!!

I will try to make a card or project the next few days and share it with you!!
 Freebie No more available

Till then enjoy the halloween freebies!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

A friend in need...

1. Are you a fun and crazy crafter??
2. You love cardmaking and coloring??
3. Are you adventurous?? 4. Do you seek new crafty friends??
5. Do you live near Manchester Area? 6. Do U have a car?? 7. And very important: are you going at

LOTV’s Colouring Masterclass???

(the sunday class)

If u have answered Yes...please please take two crafty fellow bloggers with you!!

You can share the fun, the adventure and of course the travel cost!!!

my very good friend Hazel has booked a place for her and her friend at the class but unfortunatelly she doesn't have a pop by her amazing blog and see more details!!!

If only I could go with u guys!!!

anyway thank you for stopping by and for reading this post!!!



3rd place winner at HLSC challenge!!

wow I'm on roll tonight!!( I hope that this is the right expression...)
As I was searching blogland I found that I was won 3rd place at HLSC challenge!!
You can check out my wining here!!

I'm very excited and happy as my badg collection (and my digi collection) grows up so fast!!
Thank u all!!
hugs xMx

I was featured at Lasting Memories Challenge blog!

hello hello hello!!!
Today found some great news!!
I was featured at Lasting Memories Challenge blog with my teddy's frames!!
You can read all about it here!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Bee happy freebie... I'm not home. I'm at mums place as she has an ear infection and needs someone to take care of her and our pets.  So no scrapping or cardmaking!!  But as I have my laptop with me found some time to make a bee happy sentiment for all of u as a big thank u for supporting me and my blog!

 Freebie No more available

So here it is!! Hope u can use it!!
till later
hugs xMx

Thank you for Voting me!!!

Hello fellow bloggers!!
Thank you for voting me at mad for markers!! I came first at top 3!!
You can see my winning here 

I'm very happy!! 
ok that is a really short post as I have some designs to make!!
till later 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Note box and a freebie!!!

So...the summer is almost finished (yeaheee!!) and schools ready to begin!!!
Not so good for children...
I thought that since I have some kids around to treat them with school stuff, to make a note box to treat myself too!!
So here it is!! My beautiful note box using a beautiful tickled pink image!!
With feather and pins, blings, a nice die-cut flower and a nice small tag!!

I'm entering my note box at the following challenges :

As for the freebie tonight I will share the word art I included in my tag.  Hope that someone might use it!!
 Freebie No more available

till later

Please vote for me at mad for markers...

Goodmorning fellow bloggers hope you are ok!!
Over at Mad for markers blog the voting system is now open!!
PLEASE VOTE FOR ME! I'm number 4 on the Right column
you can find all the entries HERE

Thank you
till later
hugs xMx

Friday, August 19, 2011

Swimming by... I go on the beach everyday I thought to make a happy birthday mermaid card!!The image I used found it on internet under the search of winx fairies...I like it alot and it was a pleasure to colour it in photoshop!!  I used a sketch from the Cupcake craft challenge blog.
The recipe for this card is pretty simple:
a nice charm, lot of glitter, a nice tag, netty ribbon from my stash, patterned paper from digital kids printed on my printer, a nice mermaid image, a free banner from internet and black marker to make faux stitching.

I would like to enter my card in the following challenges :

few...that was a lot huh??
so enjoy my card...
till later

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Love You Beary much and a freebie!!

Hello fellow bloggers!! Ijust came from the beach and thought I would share my new card and a nice freebie!!
So today I used the lovely Teddy Bo and Bea for a rather unusual's a kind of gheto thingy!!
I didn't use much; 3d foam tape to pop up the flowers and their hats, some gems for the flowers and a bit of glitter inside the Beary letters.  I thought to keep it clean and simple so this is why I put color on their clothes.  I like the effect~ is so dramatic!
So I hope you like it!!

This card is entered in the following challenges:

As for the freebie I'm sharing my brick wall with the graffiti!!
 Freebie No more available

Enjoy and please visit me again!!
till later

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My bro is getting married.... I was asked to design and make his invis!!!
Hello fellow bloggers!! I know I have not been around and haven't add new sentiments!! but I have an excuse and it's good!! Yeap!! My bro is getting married and he needed invitations!!
So here they are!!

You like them?
Used rice paper, glitter paper, ribbon, my laser printer, card similar to leather and  sealing wax!!
It took me some time but I was very pleased!! I also put aroma on paper and they smell like strawberries!!

I gave them today and both bro and sil were really happy and pleased!!
So till later enjoy the invis!!


Monday, August 15, 2011

Sweet Boy Bear frames for Lo's!!

Hello fellow bloggers!! hope you are great!!
So today I have to share with you 2 "frames" with tags for a boys Lo.
As you can see  my cute bear boys are sitting on doilies.  They have tags behind them which are easy to pull out.  You can add pictures or text on them.  I used flowers, pins, my craft robo for all the paper piecings, ribbon, glitter and buttons.

The text on the first bear says " Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails.  That's what little boys are made of!"

if you like it I can make it a sentiment for you!  Just leave me a comment here!

So my project is entered in the following challeges:

Wow that was lot of challenges!! If you wonder where I found all these try this amazing blog.  You can find all the challenges in the blogland and ofcourse all the Challenge Winners!!

Enjoy my project 
till later 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

bee happy LO!!

Hellow fellow blogers!! so happy to see new people around!!
today I would like to share a kid Lo I have made with some animal paper piecings I've made!!
My bee bears are really cute and really easy to make!!I've also used mums machine for the sewing ( my first be gently and kind with me..heh). Of course craft robo and bee , flowers embellies from my stash!!

The Lo is entered in the following challenges:

So hope u all enjoy my creation!!
Please come by soon...I will have a nice sentiment to share with all of u!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Tickled Pinks Top 5 winner!!

Hello fellow blogers
some exciting news!!!
Once again I made it at Top 5 at Tickled Pinks!!

You can check my winning and entry here


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Scrapbooking Page Border with turtle!

Hello fellow now I've finished my Tear Bear tutorial I can share with you my turtle piecing borders I have made!!
These borders are for a baby boy Lo page.

I've used myy craft robo to cut all the pieces, made a nice pocket tag, used papers, ribbons and flowers from my stash and here it is!!
I'm enetring my project in the following challenges:

Hope you will enjoy my project!!
thanks for stoping by!!

Tear bear Tutorial and free pattern!!

Last month the ladies at Crafting for all Seasons Challenge Blog honored me with their I Inspire Award for my Tear bears.  They also asked me if I would put together a tutorial on how to make the tear bears.   I've never done a tutorial before.  I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to try something NEW.

Here's my tutorial on how to make a tear cow....
I must warn you that these little devils are addictive and once you start making them you don’t want to stop!!  These are my basic instructions for creating an adorable handmade mulberry paper cow ~ thought to try something different. These are just the basic instructions, but with practice and patience, you will be on your way to creating adorable little tear bears and critters in no time.  I will include the pattern for the cow.  Then you can make your own patterns for bears or other critters.  Also I will provide you with eyes and noses.  So let’s begin!

Basic Supplies

  • Tear Bear or Critter Pattern
  • Extra Thick Mulberry Paper  (here we will use black and white)
  • Pencil
  • Glue Stick or other thick adhesive (Tacky Glue works well.)
  • Paint brush  and a cup of water OR water barrel brush.
  • Scissors or small oval shaped punch for eyes and nose (Fiskars 5/16" Oval or Tear Drop punches work great!) ~ you can print the eyes and nose set I’m giving.
  • Black cardstock for the nostrils
  • Tweezers (helps to place your eyes and nose)
  • White Gel Pen
  • Fine tip black Pen
  • An old tooth brush to fluff your cow (bear or other creature)
  • Chalk (Artist Chalk or Cat’s eye Fluid Chalk for detailing. Use at least 1 shade darker than the paper you are working with) ~ if you don’t have Chalks you can use eye shadows~
  • Brown paper for the horns

Tearing our Cow...

Now, let’s get on with the basic instruction...

1.      Gather all supplies needed.

2.      Tracing Your Pattern: Using your pencil begin tracing you pattern on the ~back~ side (smooth side) of your mulberry paper. NOT THE LUMPY SIDE. Using the back side will hide your pencil marks. Keep you parts about 1/4" apart between each pattern piece. You want to leave enough room between each piece for tearing. For an extra fluffy cow, trace 2 of each part for layering. The best tear bear artists layer their bears for the fluffiest appearance. (In our case Cow artist~ heh)

3.      Now that your pieces are traced, go over the parts with your paint brush (or your water barrel brush.). Add some water in your brush and trace it around the pencil trace  Make sure that you have wet your paper enough to tear. Only do a few pieces at a time. If you get too much water on the paper, don't worry... it will dry. Wetting the mulberry paper for tearing will enhance your cow's "fluff". 

4.      Once you've wet a few parts, it's now time to tear. Tear the parts towards you... You will notice that tearing the part towards you will leave more scruffy fibers behind. This is important if you want a fluffy cow.

Now that you have all your "cow parts", let them dry completely before proceeding.

Fluffing, Chalking, Layering...

Now that your cow parts are dried it’s time to fluff, chalk and layer. Take the old toothbrush and brush all the cow parts from the lumpy side. You can pull some fibbers up if you want a "scruffy" look

Next we will add some chalking details around the edges. This also helps add dimension and creates more visible "fluff".   

After detailing, arrange all pieces and pose your cow. Once you’ve got a pose you like glue the pieces together and make your cow. After adhering all parts, allow them some drying time.

Now, add the eyes and nostrils to your cow. Put a dot of glue of your choice on the back.  Using tweezers, position the nostrils first, then the eyes.  Positioning the nostrils first helps make sure the eyes are evenly placed. Add the horns and glue them.

Next, add eye lashes and a mouth using your fine tip Pen. Add a "dot" of white to the inside of the eyes for sparkle. (This is a general instruction for all tear bears)

There you have it. Your own little cow.

 Freebie No more available

 So hope you liked my tutorial!  I want to say a BIG thank you to my very good friend Hazel who provide me the chalks.  Thank you sweetie!! Please visit her amazing blog and leave her comments!! she loves to read them!!
Enjoy the tutorial!!
till next time

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Teddy Bea altered Candle and a Spanish Freebie!!

Hello my fellow blogers!! Hope each and everyone are really good!!
Here we have a big heat wave with 43 Celsium degrees!! Of course I can't go out with this heat and even sea is really hot!! So we stay in with clima on and try to!!
Ok today I will share with you the candle I made for bro's friend, Sofia who has birthday this Friday!

The recipe is really easy:
took a candle, my favourite teddy bea stamp, glitter pens and blings. Created 3 beautiful bows with my bow maker and tucked them with pins.  I added the same birthday sentiment I used to her book card and that's it!! pretty easy!!

The candle is entered in the following Challenges:
2.  Anything goes ~ birthdays

And todays freebie is a Spanish post stamp that I made on my vacation one rainy day!!
Hope it is good and you can use it!! ( It was a request from Lajanette~ chears sweetie~)
 Freebie No more available

Enjoy my creation and thanks for stoping by!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Tickled Pinks Feather Challenge and a freebie!!

hmmm ok ok I know you can't believe how many posts I've done today...but trust me...I thought I would have some internet connection on my holidays to blog all these I have created...but the mountain didn't let me!!
so here is a book card I had create many days ago with a greek sentiment ( I had made it in English too with the help of my good friend Hazel). This book card holds some day creams and scrubs for big bros girlfriend as she has her birthday in a few days...  also with this card I created a nice Teddy Bea candle which I will share it with you 2morrow!!
I used lot of folds to create the book imitation.  

The book card recipe is :
feathers, handmade pins by me, flowers from my stash, a tickled pink image, sentiment created by me, ribbon blings and glitter!!
it's my first book card and I'm pretty pleased with it!!
The book card is entered in the following challenges:

and here is the freebie!!
 Freebie No more available

Thanks for stoping by...
till later