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Monday, November 10, 2014

Christmas freebies!!

Hello friends!!
excellent news!!
to celebrate our
we give some nice freebies...
and our Facebook Page

look what you can make!!

and dont forget the newsletter will be released this week and we will have the snowglobe penguin as paper piecing!!


Friday, November 7, 2014

Christ...last minute cards and projects!

COLORink Digital Stamps and Tracy from CraftyCat957 designs
soon will release the 69 PDF booklet with Christmas Cards and projects for 
Beginner level to Expert level!
The booklet contain in depth  pic tutorial for cards, pop up cards, boxes, bags and  tips and hints.
also it contains more than 30 pages of free sentiments, digital stamps, patterned papers for you to print and use it for all your christmas projects.
so stay tuned!!


Friday, September 19, 2014


Hello friends!!
Big Candy for you!!

Visit COLORink Digital Stamps go to Store Candy page and learn all about it!!

good luck!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hello friends!!

Hi all how are you?? I have missed you so much!!  I have been working hard the last couple of months and I am very proud of my work!!  I have made some nice projects as well which will share with you soon!! but now I would like to share some of my new stamps!!
and yes it is christmas time woohoooo!!

My classic Christmas Collection is here and you can see previews!!  

They are colored by the amazing Tracy Wray!!  you can check them on FACEBOOK PAGE as well and please stop by soon as I have more stamps and some nice freebies!!
have fun

Friday, July 11, 2014

Bday Card and decoupaged bottle...

Hi all how are you?? sorry I haven't been around...I have so many things to blog!! lol 
I had started a project for hubby's office room, and it's about super heros!! so when I have it done I will let you know..hehe
ok today i have to share with you a nice shabby chick card I made (well I think it is a shabby chick...) 
Our friend Carolina has her bday so we bought her a nice Mavrodafni wine and I altered it with the decoupage method and I also made her a nice card to write her some wishes....
so here it is the second decoupage project I have ever made so please be nice... I also made a tag for the wine (pic is overlighted sorry...) and we got her some nice chocolates. when I make them a nice gift I will post a picture...

so here they are...
hope you liked them!!
till next time

Friday, June 20, 2014

sympathy card

hi friends how are you?? hope each and everyone is more than great!!
todayI have a sympathy card to show you....
I think sympathy cards are very difficult to be made....especially when you make them for people you love and you know that this time isn't a card to make them laugh or cheer them up but itis supposed to soothe their pain...
anyway I don't want to say much for this card....just Jan's soul is rested and happy in the craft paradise....

thanks for stopping by

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Our Easter Wreath

hello all hope you are all great!!
so the easter was great for us! we had family from Greece viviting us, we went to visit so many villages and places here!!  we spend so much time exploring so many things!! it was great!!
but I didn't forgot to make a nice wreath to welcome all the people in our house!!
I made it from cardstock and decorated with flowers and butterflies!!  the letters were cut with my best friend robo craft!! hehe....
so here is a pic of our easter wreath hope you like it!!

 also I made those cute egg holders for our little friends!! yummy!!!  filled up with chocolate eggs of course hehe!

My friend Tracy Wray made these amazing cards with my images...also she has some excellent freebies in her please pay a visit to her as well!!

thanks for stoping by

Sunday, June 15, 2014

My easter cards!!

Hello all!
thank you all for sending me messages!! I am so glad I have found you back!! hehe!!
today I will show you some easter cards I made.... I made almost 7 of each one of them... so many people and so many pieces!! but they are soooo cute!! what do you think?

also here is a pic of my knee with kinesiotape...this thing is a small miracle!!it helps so much the stability of the knee!! woohoo. Also today was my first bikeride since...hmm I can't even remember!! I was a bit scared but wearing my kinesiotape and my special frame helps alot!!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

some more candles...

and as we had many people visiting us for a nice traditional easter I had many many little gifts for all of them...
so here are some candles using magnolia zodiac stamps and some roses...
all my friends loved them!!

I try to be ahead this time so I have started working some xmas stamps...please if you have any ideas for sentiments let me know!

Friday, June 13, 2014

being soooo long!!

hello fellow bloggers!!
oh my I missed u all so much!! life has being so crazy....all my days and all my time went to physiotherapy, electrotherapy, gymnastictherapy and so many other...therapy....  but now I can tell you that after almost 7 months my knee is ok and works just fine!!  I still have to wear some special frame when I walk or do exercises but it's a small price to pay....
but all these time I have to admit that I was busy...I did some nice cards and projects and today I will start sharing some with all of you!!
so today I will share a candle I made for my physiotherapist Annette!! she helped me so much and now I can walk without limping so I am soooo happy!!! Thanks Annette!!

I used one of my fav images ever, a fairy from wee stamps!!  lots of glitter and the famous quote hehe!!

hope you like it!!
please visit me soon as I have many exciting things and freebies to share with you!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

First Love Collection and a BIG AUCTION!

hello fellow bloggers hope each and everyone is more than great!! I am a bit under the weather but this can't keep me away from designing!! hehe!!
so I would like to present you a new collection called First Love and it's perfect for valentine and love projects!!

ALSO a BIG AUCTION for the 5 five people who would like to get this collection to a more than 50% down!
Go HERE and learn all about it!!

I am trying to have good prices and do some nice deals as I know economy is bad for all of us now!! so I will try and help as much as I can by having big deals and freebies for all the scrappers out there!!

hope you like my new designs and you will leave some love!!

ps : my physio goes well but I have a long way before I can use my leg as I did...


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Monkey Love collection and some nice freebies!!

hello fellow bloggers!! as I promised my new Collection is here!!  some very cute 

precious huh??
This week the January newsletter will be out with a beautiful monkey paper piecing as a freebie and more info about COLORink Digital stamps!  So if you haven't subscribe yet you can always do by sending an email at or by our new NEWSLETTER feature. both ways work the same so don't worry!  also your email address is safe with us!

Freebies can be found at our FACEBOOK PAGE and at COLORink Digital stamps shop.
Don't forget to LIKE US!

Last but not least the COLORink Digital stamps present ~ BIG DEALS~ where you can find stamps in low prices!!

stay tuned as more freebies and collections will be out soon!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Hello friends happy New year!! hope each and everyone is more than ok and the New Year will be very good for all of us!!
So sorry for not being around but I had a trip back to Greece and then the knee oparation! Thank God all went ok and now Im in healing process with physiotherapy and lots of exercises...the bad thing is that from crutches my hands hurt a lot so I can't work as fast as I was hoping but soon I will release some nice new images and freebies!!

leave me some love and your news!! love to hear from you!!