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I'm trying to make a list with all my followers and their email addys cause I decided to send them some extra freebies ( papers, digi stamps, sentiments) so if you want to enter this list you must become a follower and send your email addy at or Join our Newsletter
and I will add you to my list of freebies.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

thanks and birthday sentiments!

hi all hope u are ok!!!
Today I want to share with you my new digi set with 8 thank you and birthday sentiments!!  The preview is this

and you can find them here
Also this is a card I made with one of the stamps, glitter, pearls,flowers and ribbon.

I would love to enter my card in th following challenges:

Thanks for stopping by!!
Talk to you soon
hugs xMx

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Xmas No 3

...and last but not least!!!

Merry Christmas to all!!!

Merry Xmas Card No 2!!

used same papers and embellishments but different image!!


Merry Christmas and some cards!!

Hello everyone!!! Merry Christmas to all with happiness and health!!
hope you all enjoyed your Xmas and Pressies!!
Well here (Greece) we celebrate more New Years Eve and Santa brings our presents no pressies for us today!! We must wait another week hehe!!

Well today I want to share with you some Christmas cards...and yes its for 2012 Christmas...but Serbian people celebrate Xmas on January!!! So these cards are for their Xmas on January...
I used the amazing elves from Make it Crafty stamps, lot of glitter glue, liquid pearls, flowers, swirls and decorative pins.

I would love to enter my card in the following challenges:

so thank you for stopping by
till later

Monday, December 19, 2011

My wedding couple digi stamp and Card Kit!

Hello my friends hope you are all great!! Well I was down for some days as I had a bad vertigo...but now I start feeling better!!
Anyway today I would like to share with you my first digi card kit which is on sale here.  And if you don't like card kits you could always buy just the digi stamps here.

My card kit includes  backing paper in Jpeg format ( with lines so you know exactly were to cut and fold the card size is 145mm), patterned paper in Jpeg format, the BW digi stamp, the colored digi stamp, the BW sentiment, the colored sentiment, flowers in svg format, the scalloped circle in svg format, a PDF with all the card parts ready to print and cut( by scissors if you don't own a cutting machine) .
You Just need to include  white paper to print, your printer, scissors, glue.
In my card I used liquid pearls, net ribbon, glitter glue, a key charm and foam pads.

I would love to enter my card at the following challenges:
1. Paper Creations ink ~ something old something new ( old my key charm, new my digi stamp)

Thank you for stoping by
see you soon with a nice freebie!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

candles for my nieces...

Ok You know how much I love wee stamps!!
and what a nice idea from my DH to use them on my candles!!!
Look at them how cute they are!!!

So Those are the first three....I have another 10 to make!! woohooo!!!

I would love to enter my candles to the following challenges:
1. the stamping boutique ~ non traditional xmas ( pink and purple is not traditional!! ~ it should be heh)

Thank you for stoping by

Christmas Candles for MIL!!

Hello my friends!! hope you are great!!
Sorry for not being around but I was a really busy bee these days!!
German class is getting more difficult lesson by lesson,
I have tons of work converting jpeg files to svg files for clients,  I have orders for my beeswax balm and don't forget my morning!!

Anyway this Xmas I thought to make some candles for family and friends!!  So now I will saw you the pair of candles I made for my MIL!!

I would love to enter my candles to the following challenges:

Hope you'll enjoy my candles!! till later

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Santa's friends...

Hello my friends!! how are you?? I run so many things these days I have no time to cardmake!! but I hope I can do some this weekend!!
Anyway this is a quick post to tell you that in my digi stamp section you will find these two adorable stamps!!!

Soon will have some new freebies for all of you!!!
Thanks for stoping by
see you soon

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Peter...Mary's big bro and a freebie!!

so...Mary has no not a little lamb but a brother!! who is very naughty I think!! hehe

You can Purchase Petere here

Peter card was made exactly with the same things as Mary card!!

Don't you love his precious look?? hehe

I would love to enter him in the following challenges :

and here is the free sentiment I promised you!!! Hope you love it and use it!!


Mary...naughty or nice??

Hello my friends hope you are great!!
Today I want to share a new digi image I made and you can find it here to my blog shop!!
I just love her cute wings and halo!!

I used glitter, my snowflake puncher, some poinsetia flower that my good friend Hazel gave to me and a sentiment I made and will give it as a freebie to my next post!!

Hope you will love my sweet Mary!!

I would love to enter my card in the following challenges :

Thank you!!
hugs xMx

Monday, November 28, 2011

Heidi and a free sentiment!!

hello all!! hope you are all great!! Sorry for not blogging as much as I want but I have so much work to do those days!!!
anyway today I would love to share a nice xmas card with a new wee digi stamp, little Heidi!! don't you love her?  she is sooo beautiful!!  I colored her in photoshop and I made this nice sentiment to match the card and I giving it today as freebie!!

For my card I used digital paper, liquid pearls, glitter, ribbons and some sparkling stars from my stash!!

I would love to enter my card in the following challenges:

 Freebie No more available

Thanks for stopping by!! talk to you soon!!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Woo hoo!! I won at Tobola...

yeap !! u read correct!!
Over at Colettes blog there is a game that Colette organised!! a nice Tobola game and she has 16 candies to share with all of us!! and the candy contains Teddy Bo's!! woohooo!! So visit her blog here and by living a post and choosing a number you can be a winner too!!

Well I'm now expecting my prize with snail mail and I can't wait to see what I have won!!
Thank you Colette!!

Till later

Christmas Blessings sentiment freebie and new additions to my shop!!

Hello my friends hope you are all great!! thank you for all the wishes for my eshop!!  and thank you for supporting me!!!
Today I want to share with all my friends a nice poststamp sentiment which comes from my first every occasion digi sentiments and you can find them in my store!!

This is an extra creation for all of you.

When you purchase the sentiments you will get the 9 you see in the preview and another surprise poststamp sentiment (not the same with the one I'm giving here as freebie).

Also my followers who have subscribe to my email list will receive this nice poststamp sentiment!! So if you want to grab this also, you just have to send me an email and I will add you to my list!

 Freebie No more available

And don't forget to check my svgs files to my shop cause I added some cute tags...and trust me we all need nice tags!!!

Will be back soon with some cards I have created!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Jingle Bear Circle sentiment freebie!!

Hello my friends hope you are all great!!

The past few days I was working hard to create my new e-shop and also worked hard to create new files that I will add in the following days here and at CraftyCat957 Store.  So please stop by to see my new designs and also to check Tracy's amazing designs and paper piecings!!!

So to celebrate this new begining I made a nice circle sentiment that you all can download and it is based to my new digi stamps and paper piecings "Jingle Bears".

 Freebie No more available

So enjoy and thank you for stopped by

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My new blog e-shop!!

Hello my friends!! Hope you are all great!!
Many of my friends have told me that it would be a nice idea to create my own eshop with digi stamps, kits, paper piecings etc...
in that way I can cover the basic stuff I buy to create my cards from UK or USA since we don't have here such things...especially the p&p costS!! SO I thought it and decided to go for it!!  I will keep the prices very low and ofcourse I will continue posting freebies and send extra freebies to my list of followers!!  Hope you will enjoy my work!!  Tomorrow will add the first items to my eshop!! 

Till then
have a nice Sunday evening!!
hugs xMx

Saturday, November 19, 2011

some quick news!!

hello my friends!! hope u are well!  I am quite ok but still taking heavy medication so I need to get lot of rest.

Anyway just wanted to tell you that all Deutsch class succeed with the exams!! even me which I was really sick !! woohooo!!
anyway I'm working in a big secret project that's why I haven't post anything new yet!! But you will know all about it on Monday!!  
Also a big thank you to all of you who leaving me such nice comments and sent me goodies to help me continue crafting!! that's mean a lot to me!!

That's all for now
talk to u soon

Monday, November 14, 2011

How to open the special freebies (rar files)!!

Hello all!! hope you are all ok!!
Ok some people have troubles opening the files I'm sending so  here are some tips!!
The files are zipped files so you can open them with a winrar or winzip file.  You can find one of these programs here.  It is really easy to unzip a file!! so if you need more help let me know!!
For more info and step by step instructions please go here

Hope you will succeed!!
Till later

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Warm and Cosy Paper kit Freebie for my followers who have already signed to my freebie list!!

Hello and Happy Sunday!!!
Wow the title of my post is very long!! hehe!!
Anyway...sorry for not being around but the darn flue is still here and it seems that she loves my back and she doesn't want to leave me alone!!  I'm struggling with pills, cremes etc...but nothing seems to work.  so today I will visit my doc and beg him for some a junkie!!! lol
So let's move with the important stuff...
first of all a big thank you to all of you who beacame followers and send me your emails and helped me to make a nice data base to share my art with you!!
the list is big so I have made groups of 20 people in each group.  So if you don't get the freebies today, don't worry .  you might be in the group no 8!!  I send out to as many groups as I can each day so please don't worry if you won't get the freebie the same day it's released.  Also always the last group will get the freebies with a small delay cause each group must complete 20 addys so I can send the email.  Don't worry that doesn't take a lot as a group is completed from 1-3 days.  If takes longer I will send the freebies and rearrange the groups later.
I hope you get the idea of how this list is working!!
Now my second special freebie for you is a nice paper kit with some traditional papers!!  I never have enough papers for my xmas cards so I always need to design more!!  The only thing you will need is some blank paper (I suggest white at 160gsm) and your printer!!
So here is the preview of the kit and please stay tunned cause in the next days I will release a non traditional paper kit with blues and purples!!

Till later
enjoy and hugs!!

Ps:  To get this freebie you must be signed to my freebie list...for more info please go here

Friday, November 11, 2011

thank ewe and a freebie!!

hello my fellow bloggers hope each and everyone is more than ok!!
I still have issues with my health and yesterday had fever while I took my deutsch exams...hope I did quite ok even with fever and back pain...
anyway today is 11.11.11!!  and I love that number!!its supposed to be the number of angels...
so lets move to my card. While I was at UK my very good friend Hazel and her parents treated me and hubby as we were their family!! so I made my first thank you card for Hazels parents  (psit if you see it here ignore it until your family get it...thanks honey..)  so let me xplain you the theme of the card...well me and hubby have a thing with one day we visited Skipton town and there were so many lambs!! you know the ones with black face and the rest soooo white and fluffy!!!  so Hazels mum bought me a nice stuffed lamb for pressie (She the sheep) and she is sooo fluffy...also I bought so many sheeps and lambs (figurines) for my family and friends that I was impressed they didn't arrest me at airport as they might thought I was starting a heresy with lambs or something like this...  need to take a pic with some of the lambs I possess...last easter hubby bought me a fluffy light purple sheep..sooo cute!!)

so I had to make a card with a sheep as a thank you card!!.  I made also a nice envelope and printed the amazing sheep from meljens designs.  I used that sheep as a pattern to make my svg file and did a nice paper piecing sheep!!  If anyone wants the svg pattern lett me know and I will upload it.
So I used some of my pearl drops, glitter, ribbon, different cardstock, and some fluffy thingy I have (don't know the name sorry) for Ewe's hair and a nice patterned paper I found in a bookstore here!! I was really impressed with this has sheeps!! woohooo and added a nice thank Ewe sentiment which I'm giving it as a freebie today this is the story behind this card!!
It's not a very impressive's more like a card that a kid could do but this card reflects all my love and thanks for Hazel and her family..and what's purer than a kids feeling and creation???
hope you will all like my card and the story behind it....if I have mistakes in grammar and vocabulary it's beacause I still have high fever...woohooo...

~ ok I might talk and wright a lot when I have fever..hehe..~

I would love to enter my card in the following challenges:

 Freebie No more available

so enjoy freebie, story and card!!
till later

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sneak Peek 1 of little Christina!!

so I'm really very excited as I have been working to some new digi stamps and I felt that I must share some sneak Peeks of my creations!!

So I present you little Christina...she is a nice(?) little girl!!

I will share my card next week and little Christina will be a special freebie for my followers who have sent me their email addy and have registered to my freebie list!!
Hope you will enjoy my sneak peek!!


Made with love freebie!

Hello my fellow bloggers hope you are very good!!
sorry for not being around but I was down with a big flue and even now I have feever!!
Today I will share my made with love sentiment as I had many requests to upload it!!
Tomorrow is the big day with my deutsch exams so wish me luck!!
When I feel a bit better I will blog some cards I had made just before I got sick and also I will send some special freebies to my followers who send me an email for my freebie list!!

 Freebie No more available

Take care..

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tickled Pinks with love!!

hello my fellow bloggers hope you are super!!
well the last few days I'm quite bad with back problems and I also have some extra lessons for my Deutsch exams next i'm really sorry I didn't blog daily!!
anyway...have you heard the news??  Tickled pinks searching for DT members!! woohoo!!  I really LOVE LOVE their stamps!! so I had to make a new card just for them!!
I used two of their stamps and made a love card...a love card in yellow colors!! weird huh?  well I love the teal and yellow combination and I think this card turned out great!!  I made an easy sentiment ( if you want it let me know and I will upload it)  used some glitter , ribbon and my liquid pearls. The paper roses were made by me.  It was the first time I made these flowers!!  hope u will like my card!!

I would like to enter my card in the following challenges:

I'm sure there are many other challenges to enter my card but Im in such pain I have to rest!!
so enjoy

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Email list for freebies!!

hello my fellow  bloggers hope you are ok!!
well I'm trying to arrange my life now I'm back from UK ~ I had an amazing time with my friends...will add pics in a few days~ and I hope I will make some cards to share with all of you.
I'm trying to make a list with all my followers and their email addys cause I decided to send them some extra freebies ( papers, digi stamps, sentiments) so if you want to enter this list you must become a follower and send your email addy at
and I will add you to my list of freebies.

I have some nice xmassy ones ~ I will first share my card and then all the followers will receive the free digi stamp, sentiment and papers.
so stay tuned cause many nice things will happen in my blog!!

so if you have already a mail from me asking your email addy it's not a spam.  I'm just trying to arrange my blog and all my followers.

hope I see you all soon and that you all enjoy my freebies!!

till later

wee postcard xmas card and a freebie!!

hello my fellow bloggers!! I was so thrilled to see so many people sending me email with their addy for my special freebies!!

So today all who send me with an email their addy will receive this post card digi to use as they like!!

and the rest people who visit my blog they can have the circle santa sentiment!!
 Freebie No more available

so on todays card!!
Yeap again I used this amazing wee winter fairy, my new pearl drops and snowflake stamp ad lot of glitter.  I really enjoy making vintage style xmas cards...I think they are so warm!!

so I would love to enter my card in the following challenges:

so I hope you enjoyed my card and my freebie and you who have already sent me your addy the extra feebie is on its way to you!!!