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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Blog!!

Oh my!!
one year has just gone!!! I'm really impressed and excited!!
A year with many creations, important decisions, new friendships, new ideas!!
I'm really happy that in one year I managed to have almost 100.000 visits!!
Love all the comments and all the creations that you share with me!!
So to celebrate all this I have some freebies to share with you!!
Yeap ~ FREEBIES~ as many...heh
ok all the people here are more than welcome to grab my sentiments:

 Freebie No more available

and the people who are in my special email freebie list they will receive these:

please consider that my list is big so you might receive your freebies in the next following days.

If only I had some extra time to share my thoughts with you but need to organise my things!!  Today I got my desks and my desktop PC!!! woohooo...need to settle in my craft robo and start scrapbooking soon...

please enjoy!!!
I will be thrilled if you sent me comments, emails and wishes...that keeps me going

ps:  I have 296 followers ...hope by the end of the day we will reach 300!!!



Friday, April 27, 2012

Scrapping Memories Freebies!!!

hello hello hello!!!  hope you are all great!!!
Have you visited Scrapping Memories??
No??  Well go there asap!!! new freebies for all of you!!!

One digi stamp and one Svg file

you can see them below and to go to their shop click HERE!

 Aren't they great????

Also tomorrow is a big day for me and my blog!!!   My first blog birthday!!! woohooo!!!
So I designed something for my email followers!!
Stay tuned!!

till then

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Creative Craft Challenge ~ Animal Antics and a free sentiment!

Hello hello hello!!!
New challenge over at Creative Craft Challenge blog!! Animal Antics!!  and we have great sponsors too!!!
 Joanna Sheen, Bugaboo, Robyns Fetish!!!
So pop on over to see what's going on and join in this amazing fortnight challenge!!

Ok my DT card it's with this amazing elephant from Bugaboo!!  She is sooooo cute!!!  I created a fun sentiment that I'm sharing it with al of you!! 
I used  glossy accent, my new martha stewart punch,die cut, some gem hearts and ribbon!

Hope you will love my card as I do!!!

I would love to enter my card in the following challenges:

and here is the sentiment I used.   You are all welcome to save it and using it with your projects!!!
 Freebie No more available

and some news for my blog...well today found some time and checked my blogs statistics.  I was really impressed when I saw that 98000 + people has visited my blog!!!  and my stupid blog hit counter has broke down twice so I have lost my hits.... anyway I would like to tell you a big thank you for visiting me and writing me comments!!!  

that's it for now

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday Alchemy DT Call

Hey guys this is a post for a Dt Call.
I decided to try my luck in the DT call for the  Tuesday Alchemy challenge blog. I have been scrapbooking and cardmaking for some time now and I love it!!!  Here are some samples of my work



Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter chocolate box and freebies!!

Hi all hope you are all great!!! Well Easter is almost finished but I have some projects to share with all of you that I've made for my friends.  Unfortunatelly with moving and other jobs didn't have the time to blog them so you will see some easter projects the following days.
Anyway todays project is an altered card box from eggs.  I used a paper shelter image, flowers~ skeleton leaves, ribbon, sentiments I made, glitter, and my Martha Stuart punch!  I really love this cute box!!  Inside it holds 6 chocolate eggs ( like Kinder eggs).

I would love to enter my project in the following challenges:

5. Tuesday Throwdown~ Recycling
6. Recycle, Re-Purpose &Re-Invent challenge blog 

We have to answer a Question at Recycle, Re - Prpose & Re-Invent challenge Blog
 What is the weirdest item you are hoarding and what will you do with it?????
Strange thing I have hoarded are some really old pantiles to paint them...

I know that the Easter sentiment you can't use it right away but you can keep it for next year.  The chocolate sentiment can be used anytime!!!

 Freebie No more available

Hope you enjoyed my creation

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Big Saturday and Easter Sunday!!

so...we are in the 2 last days of the big Easter celebrations..
let me share with you some customs we have for Easter.  Easter for Greeks is the biggest celebration of all.  We celebrate Easter more than every other Orthodox countries and societies on the world!!  Kids accept gifts and their Easter candles ~ the ones that carry the Holly flame in our houses~ from their Godparents.  So every Godparent brings an Easter Candle, clothes or shoes, chocolate eggs and an easter bun to his/hers godchild.  Godparents supposed to bring these goods to their godchildren until the age of 18.  My Godmother still brings me my Easter Candle, my Easter bun and she always brings me something for my house (towels, sheets etc ~ I'm quite big to bring me fluffy and cute dresses heh) but this year she is quite sick ~ she is 82 years old!!! so she couldn't come but she is always in my prayers!!   So I made my own candles for me and hubby!!  I really like them and they had big success!!woohooo.
Anyway let's continue with the customs.   Big Thursday~  we dye the eggs red .  that means that Christ's blood painted the eggs.  Big Friday ~ we have the Litany of Epitaphs.  Big Sunday ~  at 00.00 midnight we celebrate Ressurection of Christ.  We go at Church, light our candles with the Holly Flame and when we come back at 3.00 am we make a chross outside our doorstep and we eat the traditional magiritsa ~ a soup based in vegatables and insides of lamb...I don't like it.  Old people did this cause the wanted to prepare their stomachs for the big feast after 40 days of fasting.  We bump our red eggs to wish for the Easter and then the guys preparing the lamb and the kokoretsi for Sunday.
So Easter Sunday....ok...hmmm let me try to describe it with few, food and more food!!! people go wild!!! 20 kilos of lamb on the spit!!! yeah... 20 kilos for max 10 people!!!!amazing huh??? traditional dances, food, red eggs, wine, tzatziki,kokoretsi, and more food  till the end of day...yeap crazy I know.  well hubby and I don't do any of the above...we try to be reasonable!! heh but his parents do all the above!!! so this year we went to celebrate Easter with them and all this happened.   My FIL this year didn't tried to stuff me with all this food!! but of course he gave me so much food to take back to our home that I'm sure will last for 2 weeks lol!!!
oh also i want you all meet John the lamb.  I think this lamb is very lucky as he didn't have the destiny of other poor lambs...anyway he is so cute and he drinks a huge bottle of milk in les than 2 min!!! amazing huh???

ok that's it for tonight...I need a soda even if I didn't ate so much...just in memory of all this food...and consider that Greeks are in a huge crisis right now!!! are they?????? I know hubby and I are but what about all the other people spending more than 500 euros for just the Easter Sunday meal???people traveling around Geece when fuels costs 2 euros per litre!!!???
we spent 100 euros for food, fuels and some chocolates for friends and family.  but not for the Easter day.  for the Big week and the week before...  I wonder how people managed with all this Easter frenzy...
anyway sorry for bothering you with my thoughts and the strange ways of Greeks...hope you found something interesting here....

also I'll try to cardmake more the following days

till then

Big Thursday and Big Friday...

hello my fellow bloggers, hope each and everyone is great!!!
Happy Easter to all Orthodox!!
Today I have some really unequal posts for all of's a Greek traditional Big Week ~ the Week before Easter and how we spend it.  Actually it's not the whole week.  Just a summary to the very big Events.  The entire week we spent 2-4 hours every day  in Church, we are fasting (some people fast for 40 days), and we are preparing for the Resurrection of Christ and our Easter.  Big Thursday is a very important day as after Church were we have heard from priests the 12 Gospels, people stay to grace with flowers the Epitaph ~ it's the place we put the wooden body of Christ after the removal of Christ from the cross on Big Friday~  this take us all night as we have to tack lots of flowers.  This year we decorated the Epitaph with white and yellow flowers as you can see.   In the town were we live we have 3 main Churches, so each Church decorates its own Epitaph.  So at 21.00 hours on Big Friday all the Epitaphs meet in the big square to begin the Litany.  All people holds candles and escort the Epitaphs around the town.  then the Epitaphs return back to their churches.

you can see some pics to take a taste, hope you gona like them.  Sorry for the blurry pics but all things happened too fast!!!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Creative Craft Challenges - Sketch and a freebie!!!

hello hello hello!!!
well yeap it's me from hubbys netbook!!! still!!!! I miss my laptop.....
anyway...let's see some more exciting news!!
It's time for a new challenge over at Creative Craft Challenge blog!!woohooo!!!Our sponsor is Kenny K and they are offering 4 digi images of the winner choice!!!!!!
so this is the sketch we must use
I used this sexy Kenny K image and also made a nice sentiment for all of you ( scroll down to grab it)
I colored the image with my markers, used some glitter, my craft robo to cut some shapes and patterned paper....
hope you will like it!!!

I would love to enter my card in the following challenges:
1. Anything goes challenge blog~ anything goes
2. Catch the bug ~ anything goes

and here is the free sentiment!!!
 Freebie No more available


Scrapping Memories new freebies!!!

Hello all!! hope you are great!!
well I'm not so my laprop got sick and hubby had to do a very serious operation!!! he has lent me his precious netbook to check emails, and write some posts....thanks sweetie!!!
the good thing is that we managed to save all my files and work!!! phew....imagine to loose all your digi stamps, your pics of your work and most important all the files frome graphic design job!! Even I keep a monthly backup I design things everyday and adding new bits and bops in my files so imagine the horor!!!
but let's move on...
hope you have visited Scrapping Memories shop....  if not shame on you!!!! (ok I'm joking)  but you should go there asap to download their new freebies, svg files and digi stamps and to check out the new files the girls have added!! trust me as I help them with the svg files I know that they cut out like butter and they are super cute!!!  when I have my craft room back I will make some cards using some files....

so this weeks freebies... in svg file and digi stamp!!

super or what????

thanks for stopping by
hugs xMx

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hello, Happy Easter and some cards...

hello fellow bloggers hope you are great!! I'm still packing things and cleaning my scraproom and helping mum for Easter preparations...(our Easter is next Sunday)  so this week will be one crazy week as Greeks celebrate HUGE Easter!! I wish you a Happy Easter and hope that you all enjoyed your chocolate!!
Today I would love to share with you some cards that were created by fellow bloggers with my freebies and digis!!!  I'm so excited!! They all did an amazing job!!
I will add their blog addys so you can check their amazing creations!!
If you have made a card with any of my digis or freebies I would love to post it here and I really believe other would love to check it!!

so here are some I spotted in blogland and some they were send to me via email!  Enjoy!!

  sweetie I really really love all your cards!! thanks for using my digis!!!

Love love your bright colors thank you for using my digis!!

From Michelle

hope your friend feel better soon!!!  Thank you!!

   Just Adorable!! Thank you!!