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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Scrapping Memories new freebies!!!

Hello all!! hope you are great!!
well I'm not so my laprop got sick and hubby had to do a very serious operation!!! he has lent me his precious netbook to check emails, and write some posts....thanks sweetie!!!
the good thing is that we managed to save all my files and work!!! phew....imagine to loose all your digi stamps, your pics of your work and most important all the files frome graphic design job!! Even I keep a monthly backup I design things everyday and adding new bits and bops in my files so imagine the horor!!!
but let's move on...
hope you have visited Scrapping Memories shop....  if not shame on you!!!! (ok I'm joking)  but you should go there asap to download their new freebies, svg files and digi stamps and to check out the new files the girls have added!! trust me as I help them with the svg files I know that they cut out like butter and they are super cute!!!  when I have my craft room back I will make some cards using some files....

so this weeks freebies... in svg file and digi stamp!!

super or what????

thanks for stopping by
hugs xMx

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