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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Big Thursday and Big Friday...

hello my fellow bloggers, hope each and everyone is great!!!
Happy Easter to all Orthodox!!
Today I have some really unequal posts for all of's a Greek traditional Big Week ~ the Week before Easter and how we spend it.  Actually it's not the whole week.  Just a summary to the very big Events.  The entire week we spent 2-4 hours every day  in Church, we are fasting (some people fast for 40 days), and we are preparing for the Resurrection of Christ and our Easter.  Big Thursday is a very important day as after Church were we have heard from priests the 12 Gospels, people stay to grace with flowers the Epitaph ~ it's the place we put the wooden body of Christ after the removal of Christ from the cross on Big Friday~  this take us all night as we have to tack lots of flowers.  This year we decorated the Epitaph with white and yellow flowers as you can see.   In the town were we live we have 3 main Churches, so each Church decorates its own Epitaph.  So at 21.00 hours on Big Friday all the Epitaphs meet in the big square to begin the Litany.  All people holds candles and escort the Epitaphs around the town.  then the Epitaphs return back to their churches.

you can see some pics to take a taste, hope you gona like them.  Sorry for the blurry pics but all things happened too fast!!!


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  1. What a fabulous and rich tradition you have. Thank you for sharing